Our Letter to You


It’s been seven months since we left London.

This past semester abroad was a whirlwind for both of us: we met some of the best humans we know, tasted a few of the finest ciders England has to offer and stayed in the centre of one of the largest cities in the world. Armed with digestives in our carry-ons and slightly more impressive British accents, we boarded flights and returned to our respective states in May. The dream had to end some time.

Unfortunately, the reality of moving back home is being a thousand miles apart. We never swore to visit or made empty promises to keep in touch. Thankfully we kept in contact anyway (thanks, mutual appreciation for Teen Wolf!) And from those Facebook messages arose the idea for The Trifecta, a pop culture blog with a dash of personal posts and a hint of feminist ideology. With this blog, we get to keep in touch while blogging about stuff we like. And you get to read it! We all win!

Honestly, if we were physically together, we’d probably be downing Strongbows and (poorly) imitating Tami Taylor. But since we’re not together, the world has been given the great gift of The Trifecta. Well, we’re going to try to make it great. We’re probably just going to keep calling it “great” until we get there.

All the love,

Meg and Allison


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