#Thoughts on The Great Hiatus of 2k16

One by one, the interviews are dwindling. “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen? Done. Getting tattooed on Corden? Done. A repeated, albeit funnier, game of “Never Have I Ever” on Jonathan Ross? Done.

Albums have been sold and so the lads have done their job promoting Made In The A.M. Normally, this would be no cause for panic.

But this year, the Great Hiatus of 2k16 looms.

Now the chances to see Liam Payne’s face are becoming slimmer and slimmer. Nothing is certain. Will they come back in 2017 like promised? Will they all pull a Zayn and go solo? Not all of them can make it! It’s just not statistically possible! Sure, one of them would be the JT (Harry) but someone will have to be the J.C. Chasez! The rest will be Joey Fatone if they’re lucky!

The Great Hiatus isn’t going to be an easy experience for anyone–I’m not going to sugarcoat, my friends. It’s going to be difficult without Vines of Harry falling on stage or random videos on Tumblr of Liam hitting a high note or rumors about Liam receiving gifts from Joe Jonas. (Okay, the rumors probably won’t stop. For that I’m thankful.)

As we anxiously await the beginning of the hiatus, we at The Trifecta have begun to cope by hypothesizing what exactly each member will be doing. This is all very scientific.

Allison’s Picks for What the Members of One Direction Will Be Doing During the Great Hiatus 2k16

Harry will naturally be recording his solo album between vacations with scantily-clad supermodels. He’ll pop up in tabloids every once in a while either A) wearing a rather small pair of swim trunks on a beach in South America or B) dressed head-to-toe in YSL near a recording studio in SoHo.

Louis knows his strong suit isn’t his vocals, so he’ll use the hiatus to hone his songwriting skills. He’ll take his talents to other high profile British artists. Maybe Ed Sheeran. Oh, and he’ll probably prepare for his new kid or whatever. To be completely honest, I’m not convinced that rumor is true.

Liam will spend his break looking for the New Girlfriend. Who will be the new Sophia? Find out next week on The Bachelor.

Niall will probably take a lot of naps, go for a lot of pints and watch a lot of videos on YouTube. In fact, one day he’ll wake up and realize he’s done nothing the entire year but wait for the lads to get back together.

Niall and I are one.


Meg’s Picks for One Direction’s Hiatus

Harry: I agree, Harry will probably spend parts of the next 12-16 months vacationing on various tropical islands all over the world, yachting with models a la Leo. He’ll probably pop up again at Fashion Week, sitting front row, peering into our souls.

Louis: Louis will start a fashion line or something. Maybe there will be a baby line for his child, who will probs definitely be born sometime over the hiatus (I totally forgot he knocked someone up tbh. It’s such old news). He’ll keep partying, though. A man-child never quits. Or maybe he’ll write a song. I forgot he does that sometimes.

Liam: Liam will be broody and probably keep Instagramming pensive selfies. I bet he’ll be linked to a couple models before diving into another serious relationship. I think he needs some Liam time, and remain single for at least part of hiatus. He’s a classic monogamy addict. Look for him on a track with Rudimental or Disclosure within the next year.

Niall: Now Niall will get his moment. He’ll be everywhere over the next year or so. He’ll probably make a couple guest appearances on various tours and will show up in bit parts for at least one movie. I expect to see him on the red carpet once or twice, on the arm of Selena Gomez or whoever he finally publically dates. You do you, Niall.


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