We Accidentally Went on a Hiatus

Just nine months ago, The Trifecta made its internet debut with a brilliant set of predictions for what the members of a very famous boyband would do on their hiatus. For starters, our predictions were incredibly on-point. Secondly, we’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that the One Direction hiatus is pretty permanent at the moment.

One thing we didn’t count on was an accidental hiatus of our own. Life happens and as two college students, we let our editorial duties slip. So, what did we do during our hiatus?

First, we met up in person for the first time since London!13918934_10201829363012570_445791514_o

Allison came up to New York to accept a national award for her college’s student magazine, The Ampersand. We met up, I showed her around, she rode the subway for the first time, and we went to Black Tap. Practically the perfect weekend in NYC.

I graduated from college!(!!!)13330966_10206652758814603_8831042343098342026_n

Allison did dope things like interned for NARAL, worked at a local radio station, and started her last semester of college.

In short, we had a productive hiatus but will be back to writing soon!



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