The Bloggers

Allison, 22, Saint Louis

IMG_6866Allison is a recent college grad and marketing “professional” biding her time in the Midwest before she reaches her true destiny as a Coastal Elite. One time a good friend told her “No one loves TV like you do” and it was the best complement she ever got. In a former life, she was the Queen of Donuts.

Bribe her with: hibiscus teas, your HBO Go password or a taco.

Meg, 21, Somewhere on I-95

12626194_10207556820032632_1979937760_nMeg is a senior History and English major currently splitting her time between Connecticut and Maine. She’s been proficient in Carpool Karaoke long before James Corden made it cool but thinks they could team up and rule the internet. Don’t ask her what she’s going to do after college unless you plan on offering her a job. Finally, avoid asking her about Ireland unless you want to hear her entire family history.